Asian Ladies



Asian Ladies

Loving, devoted Asian ladies are seeking direct contact with sincere men who are serious about developing a fulfilling, permanent relationship.

These ladies are:

  • Residents in Western Australia
  • Visiting on a visa, or
  • Overseas but with the ability to communicate via phone, email or skype


We have agents in Thailand and The Phillipines who are able to personally assist you making contact with these ladies so much easier.

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From age

To age

  • Pel (39)
  • 39
  • Anong (36)
  • AFD 26600 36
  • Ead (48)
  • AFS 26388 48
  • Aranya (33)
  • AFD 26060 33
  • Mirasol (27)
  • AFS 26173 27

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