Keeping connected with suitable people is healthy for morale and wellbeing during these trying and often lonely times

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Social Distancing??
We’re Calling It “physical Distancing”

Meeting Singles During COVID-19

Isolating oneself with a partner or family can be stressful; isolating as a single is even more trying. During these difficult times, loneliness knows no boundaries. With social restrictions being implemented, this is our “new normal”... but it won’t be forever. Why not use this opportunity to connect with a likeminded, compatible partner.

We’re not going call it “Social Distancing” but call it “Physical Distancing”. This term is more accurate and encourages a more positive attitude to what we are all facing. Just because we have to distance ourselves physically for the immediate future doesn’t mean we can’t still be sociable. The world is different to what we are accustomed but even through these challenging times you can still have a great start to your dating journey.

Technology allows us to have “virtual” face-to-face catch-ups via Skype and Facetime, there’s Emailing and for those who either aren’t “tech savvy” or want to get away from looking at screens, there’s the good old telephone. Whether you are looking for a new friend or something more, Solutions Matchmaking has been introducing likeminded singles on a one-to-one basis since 1995, providing a safe alternative for mature, unattached people in Western Australia.

Our members are intelligent, independent members of the community who have not given up on finding someone special, but realise a few changes in the process are necessary and are happy to move forward with a sensible, level-headed attitude. Solutions will help you through this process and make it easy for you as you ease into dating and learn to adapt in our ever-changing world.

You don’t have to be alone.
Get in touch with us for your no obligation consultation and discuss your requirements in a partner. We can either arrange a time for you to visit our bright, clean and spacious office or we can conduct your consultation over the phone, any day of the week.

Can’t come in to our office? Don’t feel like spending an hour on the phone going over the boring bits? That’s okay. Join online and save! Save time and save money! Simply click the “Join Online” tab and follow the prompts to complete the Online Application. You’ll receive our Online Special and we’ll get in touch with you for any further information required.

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If you are single and stepping into the Perth dating world you will need a reliable and successful dating agency with experience in not only matching you to the right kind of people but also monitoring your progress along the way.

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Who Are We?

Solutions Matchmaking is a personal dating service with over 35 years experience and a high rate of success stories. Solutions Matchmaking is a popular and safe choice for single people who do not trust the impersonal process of going through an Internet dating site.

We spend time carefully reviewing an individuals’ personal profile to make sure we match you with the most suitable partners. This increases the probability of a successful coupling.

Why Join Us?

We are a well established 100% WA owned and operated Perth dating agency with our office in Mount Lawley. You can meet us face to face to make sure we fully understand your requirements.

Unlike Internet dating sites, we hand-pick potential partners and you will receive honest information about a person (no old, out-of-date photos or stretched truths), making us the safer option.

We care about your progress and always require your feedback to help us improve the quality of your matches.

Type of People

Solutions Matchmaking attracts men and women from all walks of life, predominantly over 30 years of who are serious when it comes to their social and personal lives. We match members in the city, all country areas throughout Western Australia and also have an extensive file base of Asian ladies both in WA and abroad.

Meet carefully selected partners in a mature, relaxed manner. Make your first step towards a fulfilled, shared future. Give us a call today on (08) 9371 0380 for more information.

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